Past Performance


  • Prime Contractor; Precision Pipeline Solutions

Ms. Caroline Alverez, Director of Human Resoucres

Telephone (845) 522-9637

  • Prime Contractors; SAP Referral Services, LLC

Ms. Melissa Kluge, Manager of Provider Relations  

Telephone (410) 668-8110 ext. 11


  • Prime Contractor: MV Transportation, Inc.

Ms. Esther Avalos, Director of Drug & Alcohol Compliance

Telephone: (707) 863-8763


  • Prime Contractor: First Transit; Workplace Options, Inc

Ms. Kate Kennedy

Telephone 1 (866)-340-5979

  • Prime Contractor: Interdynmics, Inc.

Joan Branch, President

Telephone (301) 306-4590


  • Center for Behavioral Health (CBH)

Ms. Petranda Simmons, LMSW, Director 

Telephone (410) 752-6448


  • National Institute of Corrections 

Ms. Sandra Cathcart, MSW, Correctional Program Specialist

Telephone (202) 616-9590



P.J. Mercer has been my go to referral source for my colleagues in social work, mental health, corrections, and law enforcement. She is very professional and compassionate.( Sandy Cathcart, BSW, MS., Assistant Warden)

P.J. Mercer & Associates, LLC has been providing therapeutic counseling services at out homeless shelter for over 4 years. For the residents, having a caring professional is crucial to their well-being and success. P.J.Mercer is a true advocate and provides a comfortable and safe place for clients to share their thoughts. Very flexible and can provide services onsite. We look forward to this continued partnership. (Megan G.-Director of Program Operations, CAN, Inc.)

"I didn't think I could be broken, my problems were unique and no one could help me, is the way I felt I met Mrs. Mercer. That day I met her I was full of anger and pain. Before you knew it I was breaking down, I began to let everything out I was holding in. She did something no one else has ever done. She made me feel comfortable enough to talk and let out all my pain." (Kristen T.)